If you are new to OHIP billing or have an established practice, OMBS offers a full service experience to suit your needs.

OMBS provides:

Continuity of Service
Consider OMBS as an insurance policy that helps protect against disruption to your medical billing administration and cash flow.

Accuracy and Timeliness
Our workflow and quality control processes ensure that our clients' billings are processed correctly and in a timely manner.

Professional Expertise
We take our role in Ontario’s public health care system seriously. We work with our clients and contacts at the Ministry of Health to improve and share best business practices while maximizing revenue.

A Dedicated Account Manager
We strive to develop good interpersonal relationships by assigning a designated account manager for each client.

Customized Reporting
In addition to monthly reports of outstanding accounts and Remittance Advice, we have a range of reporting options available to meet your individual needs.

Non-OHIP billings administration
For clients of OMBS, we offer supplemental administration services for private insurance, UHIP, WSIB, direct to patient, and Quebec billing administration.

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